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Our Process

Schedule Your Consultation

During this consultation our team will start with an airway screening to determine if the patient’s airway collapses. 

Comprehensive Sleep Test

A home sleep test will be sent to your home where you can be tested for sleep interruptions in the comfort of your own home.

Custom Ongoing Treatment Plan

Using EcoVision, our team will analyze your test results. If you are positive for sleep apnea, our team will find the right adjustment for improvement and start the oral device build.

The Results

Increased Sleep Quality

Get more restful, healthier sleep almost immediately. Ceasing the breathing interruptions will result in your sleep quality skyrocketing.

Continued Use

With increased sleep quality you will see underlying stress on the body from poor sleep subside – many patients see improvements in their blood work, blood pressure, and more.

Ongoing Support

The Baltimore Sleeps Better team will be on standby to help you with device adjustments, questions, and concerns about your long-term health plans.

Our Services

Sleep Apnea Testing

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Oral Device Therapy

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