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Sleep should be restful and restorative, but that’s often not the case if you suffer from sleep apnea. Instead of restful sleep that prepares you for the next day, you experience disjointed sleep that only seems to leave you feeling worse when you get up than when you first laid down. 

If you have struggled with these symptoms, you might have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP machine. However, if you have ever used a CPAP before, you know that it is large, uncomfortable, and not easy to use! Which is why you deserve something different. The sleep specialists at Baltimore Sleeps Better offers a solution for all of our sleep apnea patients.

Why Oral Appliance Therapy?


FDA Approved

Oral appliance therapy is FDA approved for treating sleep apnea. The FDA has rigorously tested oral appliance therapy and has proven to improve your symptoms and treat your condition correctly.


More Likely to Be Used

Take a moment, to be honest with yourself, how many times do you skip using your CPAP because it’s too much of a hassle, it’s too loud, you didn’t want to take it with you on vacation, or any other reason? But a mouthguard takes away all of those problems, making it much more likely that you’ll use it and get the great benefits that go along with that.


A Quiet Solution

 A CPAP machine can be loud and bulky, interfering with your partner while trying to sleep. But a mouthguard doesn’t make any noise, and you’re not going to be snoring, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

The Oral Device Process

Impressions and Fitting

Baltimore Sleeps Better will have you do an impression of your teeth to fit build the appliance specifically to your individual needs. Once built, a fitting will be completed to make final adjustments.

Adjustments & Customizations

After using the oral appliance for a few weeks, a follow-up appointment will be made to ensure fitting was a success and to continue comfortable treatment.

Custom Ongoing Treatment Plan

Each year we will check in on your oral device, your sleep apnea journey, and provide actionable steps to reduce your sleep apnea symptoms through things like weight loss.

How it All Works

All of this probably sounds great. But now you’re wondering how a simple mouthguard can do all that. Well, it starts with a custom-fitting mouthguard specially designed for your mouth.

Once you have your custom mouthguard, you slip it in at night, and it works by adjusting your jaw while you sleep. The mouthguard creates more rigidity in your mouth which keeps the soft tissues in the back of your throat from collapsing. 

What to Do Next

If you’re interested in oral appliance therapy to treat your sleep apnea, contact us today to learn more about your options. A simple sleep assessment can determine if you’re a good candidate for an oral device, and from there, we can start creating a custom mouthpiece that makes sleeping easier for you.

Don’t struggle with your current CPAP machine, thinking that’s the only option. You don’t have to suffer from sleep apnea symptoms anymore. Contact the sleep specialist team at Baltimore Sleeps Better today.

I have also noticed emotions coming up to be cleared as a result of whatever stress I’ve been holding in my jaw being released.  I have been processing this with writing down my dreams, journaling and talking to friends and my counselor.

CPAP Replacement

Oral Device Therapy can be equally effective in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea as a CPAP, with less hassle and an improved adoption rate.

Reduced Snoring

Snoring is often symptom 1A of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and how many patients find us! By treating your OSA, you will be treating your snoring as well.

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