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Dr. John Taylor DDS is an industry leader in dental medicine and social work.

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD Dr. Taylor graduated University of Maryland’s Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1977 and then opened his General Dentistry practice in 1979. His practice serves mainly special needs, geriatric, medically complex patients. He takes care of his patients, who can’t be seen in his office, at their homes, institutions and even in the hospital. Dr. Taylor is also actively involved in the Diplomate Program of the International Academy of Sleep.

Outside of his practice, Dr. Taylor served as Director of the St. Francis Neighborhood Center from 1968-2012 and received awards as a local philanthropist and social work leader. Dr. Taylor is on faculty of University of Maryland School of Dentistry and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. He also presently serves on the Legislative Action Committees of Organized Dentistry and the Community Association Institute.

The father of three adult children, Dr,. Taylor enjoys quiet time at his second home in West Virginia on weekends. There he continues to play at playing golf. Oh well, practice doesn’t always make perfect.

About The Doctor

Sarah Taylor, Sleep Coordinator at Baltimore Sleeps Better, has a master’s in social work from the University of M.D. Social Work School and a Master in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Blomberg School of Public Health.

At St. Frances Neighbor Center, Sarah wrote a fundraising plan that led to organizational growth. As a social worker working with children with autism, Sarah helped to end child neglect in Baltimore City. In Public Health, Sarah completed research while working a the Subanc Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

Sarah also authored a concept model through the National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) data to identify characteristics of individuals unwilling to seek services for behavioral health needs. Concept model optimized demographic message targeting of Affordable Care Act through statistical analysis. Independently designed and lead the statistical study to support the agency’s mission of greater accessibility of substance abuse and mental disorder advice, services, and research. 

Sarah brings a diverse background of civil care to our office and pairs that with expert knowledge in sleep dentistry. Sarah also volunteers at a horse farm where she performs therapy with children in the rural setting.

Sleep Coordinator

Sarah Taylor, M.S.W., M.P.H.

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