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Baltimore Sleeps Better is a Sleep Apnea Treatment Center located in Baltimore, Maryland. Our goal is to help patients return to restful sleep through holistic treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Our team is here to consult with you on your current sleep habits, to identify if you are suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and tailor a treatment that is both hassle-free and effective in treating this serious condition, if indicated.

We serve patients all over the Baltimore area, from overworked and undersleeping professionals and parents to service veterans and the elderly. Contact us today to get your quality of life back and start sleeping peacefully again!

Our Goals

Get More Restful Sleep

Our process starts with a full assessment of your current sleep habits. Combining our scientifically-backed sleep assessment with a full take-home sleep test we get a full view of your current sleep habits and how we can help you with your Obstructive Sleep Apnea. 

Treat Underlying Risks

Sleep Apnea does not just interrupt your restful sleep! Undiagnosed sleep apnea is linked to a litany of very serious health risks, such as diabetes, increased blood pressure, and complications with sleep deprivation!

Improved Quality of Life

Treating your Obstructive Sleep Apnea will will leave you, and your partner, more rested. Patients see cardiovascular, blood pressure, and blood sugar improvements after their first months of treatment. 

Accessible Sleep Apnea Testing & Treatment

Gone are the days of the in-office sleep study. Our practice delivers a sleep test directly to your door so you can sleep comfortably in your own environment.

When your sleep test is complete, our board certified Sleep Specialist will review your results and inform our treatment path moving forward.


Service First

Each patient will be in contact with Baltimore Sleeps Better’s talented Patient Liaison team through the process to ensure a smooth experience.

Clinical Approach

With Dr. Taylor’s deep background in research and academic institutions, our team takes a clinical, data-first approach to your treatment plan.

Custom Devices

Each oral appliance we create is fully custom fit to the patient. Our team will build your device to your specific measurements and ensure adjustments are minor.

Dr. John Taylor DDS is an industry leader in dental medicine and social work.

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD Dr. Taylor graduated University of Maryland’s Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1977 and then opened his General Dentistry practice in 1979. His practice serves mainly special needs, geriatric, medically complex patients. He takes care of his patients, who can’t be seen in his office, at their homes, institutions and even in the hospital. Dr. Taylor is also actively involved in the Diplomate Program of the International Academy of Sleep.

Outside of his practice, Dr. Taylor served as Director of the St. Francis Neighborhood Center from 1968-2012 and received awards as a local philanthropist and social work leader. Dr. Taylor is on faculty of University of Maryland School of Dentistry and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. He also presently serves on the Legislative Action Committees of Organized Dentistry and the Community Association Institute.

The father of three adult children, Dr,. Taylor enjoys quiet time at his second home in West Virginia on weekends. There he continues to play at playing golf. Oh well, practice doesn’t always make perfect.

About The Doctor

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